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Mentorship Services

VLF Mentorship

The Victorious Living Family & Friends Network™ mentorship program, developed in August 2002, by N. Erna Mae Francis, MA, D.D., aims to help alleviate juvenile delinquency, reduce juvenile criminal activity, school drop out rates, improve school performance, and serves to help in crime prevention.

Parents, teachers, and our society in general are struggling for answers to a dramatic rise in juvenile crimes, school drop outs, drug usage and trafficking, and other unthinkable maladies among our youth. Everyone complains and laments the problem, but few have come up with solutions.

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Counselling Services

VLF Counselling

Most people go to counselling because they are going through circumstances in their life for which they want advice, guidance, and a solution. At Victorious Living Foundation, we have professionally trained counsellors that can help you through whatever circumstances you may be going through in your life.

Victorious Living Foundation offers counselling for stressful life events and circumstances such as the loss of a loved one, loss of income or financial security, loss of health, or a loss of motivation. Our trained counsellors are objective, talk over issues with you, and help you to work through your current situation.

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Personal and Professional Development

VLF Personal and Professional Development

Wherever you are in life there is always room for improvement and there can always be a better you. At Victorious Living Foundation, through various seminars and conferences we strive to help make you a better individual, a more successful individual, and a more competent individual.

Victorious Living Foundation offers seminars, conferences, and other activities aimed at helping individuals improve their career and at helping businesses run more efficiently. We help to train hundreds every year to improve their career, their lives, and their businesses.

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Improve Relationships

VLF Relationships

Marital and courtship relationships often experience cycles of great intimacy and fulfillment, or desert dryness and disengagement and/or depression, loneliness and pain. For those periods of dryness, Victorious Living Foundation provides guidance and counselling on premarital and marital affairs.

Most relationship issues can be resolved in an amicable manner, and Victorious Living Foundation provides enrichment and training seminars to help resolve your relationship issues and also to help you build stronger and more lasting relationships.

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