• Vision, Purpose,

    Live VictoriouslyOur purpose is to empower, enlighten, equip and reconcile individuals and nations to our Creator and each other while demonstrating we can live victoriously by the power of God's living Word.
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    Family and Friends

    Global FamilyImagine for a moment, a network of family and friends, extended across St. Maarten, the Caribbean, and eventually the world. A global family linked hand in hand to protect our children.
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    Guided Youth

    Make a DifferenceImagine a world where adults lend the youths a helping hand, love them and discipline them, making them into productive citizens empowered to make a difference in the world.
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  • Mentorship

    Research confirms that a caring adult can make a big difference in a child's future.

    Mentors help young people improve social skills and emotional well-being, improve cognitive skills, and plan for the future, thus decreasing their involvement with drugs and violent behavior.
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  • Counselling

    Often persons experience depression, persistent and chronic negative circumstances in their lives.

    If you have tried doctors, medical treatment, prayer and nothing is working then deliverance counselling can help, where through the power of the Holy Spirit generational patterns are broken.
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  • Development

    While you may not be responsible for your past, you are responsible for your future.

    It is less important where you come from than where you want to go and your past is not a determination of your future, for you alone control your destiny with the decisions that you make in the present.
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  • Relationships

    Relationships are as fragile as precious China or as delicate as butterflies.

    Relationships go through periods of great intimacy and fulfilment or desert dryness and disengagement, and sometimes you need to redefine your relationship in more meaningful and wholesome ways.
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